Edward Williams

marathon swimmer

The English Channel 2006


Length: 21 miles
Duration: 14 hours
Water temp: 16ºC

Lake Windermere 2008


Length: 11 miles
Duration: 8 hours
Water temp: 15ºC

English Channel Relay 2014


Length: 21 miles
Duration: 10 hours
Water temp: 16ºC

North Channel (unsuccessful) 2014


Length: 21 miles
Duration: 8 hours
Water temp: 13ºC

The Gibraltar Strait 2015


Length: 12 miles
Duration: 4 hours
Water temp: 14ºC

The North Channel (successful) 2016


Length: 21 miles
Duration: 11 hours
Water temp: 13ºC

Dry Land

After Dinner Speaking

Ed is an accomplished public speaker and regularly performs at corporate and charity events as an after dinner speaker.

Corporate Presentations

Ed is an accomplished public speaker and regularly speaks for companies to inspire their teams to work more effectively.

School Assemblies

Ed tours schools across the region every week to speak with the children about the importance of having a dream and doing everything it takes to achieve it.


I can not thank you enough for stepping in at the last minuet to speak at the London Society Dinner in Cambridge.

You did an amazing ‘turn’ for us and seriously on the Saturday morning at breakfast you were the only topic of conversation with members saying just how good your talk was.

I have attended the annual course for all but one of the 37 events. The general opinion was that you should be amongst one of the top 3 speakers in that time. You are certainly going to be a hard act to follow!

Charles Little
Chairman of the London Society of Accountants

Swimming is my passion so I made it my job and set up the Elite Swimming Academy